SOLAS Weighing Service

From 1 July 2016, we will have the SOLAS weighing service in place for our existing clients but also any other business that might require such service.

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) has amended the Safety of Life at Sea Convention (SOLAS) to require, as a condition for loading a packed container onto a ship for export, that the container has a verified weight. This requirement will become legally effective on 1 July 2016. After this date, it would be a violation of SOLAS to load a packed container onto a vessel if the vessel operator does not have a verified container weight.

Many Shippers and Freight Forwarders do not have weighing facilities available which is the reason why Wood’s Warehousing has implemented the necessary equipment to verify the gross mass of containers and to produce a weight ticket in accordance with the Safety of Life at Sea verified (VGM) regulation of SA Maritime Safety Authority (Samsa) as an additional service to our customers on an ongoing or ad hoc basis. Under the SOLAS amendments, we are able to apply Method 1, which requires weighing the container after it has been packed.

Our facilities are equipped to accurately weigh containers up to 30 ton. The ticket will reflect the verified gross mass and will be signed by the person duly authorized by Wood’s Warehousing to perform the procedure. This information can then be used by the Shipper or Freight Forwarders to incorporate with their official documentation to comply with the policy and regulations of SOLAS.

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